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David and Matthew are a father and son partnership and are happy to welcome you to the Chesterfield/Matlock franchise of GreenThumb.

The businesses have been established for eight years and are currently servicing thousands of lawns. They employ four lawn operatives, Paul, Tony, Rob and Alex (left to right in photo) who are all certified and legally qualified to treat your lawns.

The office is managed principally by Emily who will be your first port of call. Emily has picked up many valuable tips which she can pass on to you. David or Matthew would be only too happy to book an appointment to analyse your lawn and offer you a free quotation. If further complications arise throughout the year, says Matthew, "we pride ourselves on customer service and will make every effort to deal with the situation promptly".

Each season every customer’s lawn receives four pre-scheduled treatments to keep their grass looking healthy and weed-free.

To have your lawn treated by an expert costs less than the price of buying the materials at a D.I.Y store to do the job yourself.

Prices start from £15 and the average price is around £25 per treatment.

GreenThumb’s experts can tackle problems like moss and weeds, or even infestation from Leatherjackets, the headless grubs of crane flies or daddy longlegs, which feast on grass roots and can seriously damage a lawn.

"Not only have my lawns improved but the staff are a pleasure to have at my property."
Mr Norman Hill
"Neighbours always comment on how green my lawn is."
Hazel Vernon
"It’s incredible, from weeds to lush green in what seemed overnight."
Mr Roger Barker