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Paul Weight is the Franchisee of the GreenThumb branch in Canterbury.  There is currently one Field Manager, three Lawn Operatives and two Admin Staff.  The branch has more than 1,850 customers in an area that covers Canterbury, Lower Hardes, Seasalter, Whistable, Tankerton, Birchington, Westgate On Sea, Blean, Herne Blean, Herne Bay, Chilham, Sturry and Little Bourne and as a team it is their intention to keep the lawns in this part of Kent looking in tip top condition.

Throughout the year, each customer's lawn receives four pre-scheduled treatments of fertiliser and herbicide that cost less than it would to buy the materials from a D.I.Y store to do the job yourself.

Lawn treatments start at just £15 and average cost is £29 depending on the size of the lawn.  Paying by Direct Debit spreads the payments over the whole year and there are three programmes to choose from that offer differing levels of service.  Alternatively customers can also pay as they go.

  • BASIC - This includes four pre-scheduled treatments applied seasonally.  They incorporate regular feed & weed control using our own Nutragreen® range of no-scorch technology fertilisers which DO NOT REQUIRE WATERING IN.
  • ENHANCED - In addition to the basic programme, the enhanced programme adds annual hollow-tine aeration, scarification and an extra moss treatment.  For soils that are compacted such as the heavy clays found in the Thanet area and lawns that produce excessive moss/thatch, this is the best option to help improve air circulation, reduce compaction and remove moss/thatch for a thicker, healthier lush lawn.  Paying by Direct Debit enables customers to save up to 18% on this programme compared with pay as you go.
  • COMPLETE - This programme includes all the benefits of the enhanced programme as well as the Oasis SlowMow Treatment Programmes and disease/pest management.  Choosing this programme allows customers to save up to 22% compared with pay as you go.

OASIS TREATMENT PROGRAMME - This part of Kent has a very unusual climate and there have been three official droughts in the area in the last six years.  This means that lawns quickly bake hard and become dry for long periods in the summer.  The Oasis Programme can be applied early in the year to help utilise moisture present in the soil helping grass stay greener for longer without extra watering.

SLOWMOW TREATMENT PROGRAMME - Our growth regulator will reduce the rate at which the grass plant grows, meaning that you will not need to cut the grass quite so often.  This treatment diverts growth downwards towards the root, increasing food reserve and lateral stem development meaning the grass grows thicker and becomes denser.

PEST/DISEASE MANAGEMENT - Lawns in some parts of the area suffer from Red Thread, a fungal growth that turns grass blades pink, while Leatherjackets, the offspring of crane flies that can destroy a lawn, are also a problem.  GreenThumb Canterbury has a solution to all these problems that can help your lawn to look lush and healthy.

LAWN RENOVATION PROGRAMME - GreenThumb Canterbury now offer a new service to anyone who is considering replacing their lawn.  The process involves deep scarification, aeration, over seeding and top dressing.  The results are excellent and cost far less than re-turfing!

If your lawn is looking tired and below par call the office now on 01227 652351 for a FREE lawn analysis.  We will be happy to give our expert advice with a first class service!


"The service from GreenThumb has always been excellent, prompt, timely, clean and professional. I now have a  lawn to be proud of which I was unable to do on my own."
Mr S - Herne Bay
"GreenThumb provide a professional service.  The lawn operatives always spend time to explain things to me and are professional and kind.  My lawns are now thick, lush and green."
Mrs R - Herne Bay
"Everyone always comments on how lovely and green the lawn is and I would certainly recommend GreenThumb.  My lawn looks like a carpet.  In summer, when all my neighbours' lawns were dry, my lawn was still green.  I have been very pleased with the service, all the staff are very friendly and helpful.  It's been a pleasure to go into my garden and I am really pleased with my lawn."
Mrs W - Whitstable